Style Savvy: Fashion Forward Wiki

Listen to what your customer wants, then give them a cut and colour.

Owner of the shop is Noor.

Getting a Haircut[]

Talk to Noor and she can change your hair style.

Surprise Me![]

  • You'll get to choose from 3 random descriptions of the type of hairstyle you'll receive. The hairstyle has a chance of being a style or colour that you do not own, but will not be saved in the wig box. Price is $100.00

Wig Box[]

  • Manage saved hairstyles from the custom hair styles you've created. You can only save 15 so be sure to favorite the ones you want to keep.

Custom Style[]

  • Create a custom style for yourself, you can choose the style, fringe, and colour. The style created will be saved in the wig box. Price is $150.00

Giving a Haircut[]

Talk to the customers in the shop to hear their hairstyle request and do their hair for them. Each customer will give 1-4 hints about what hairstyle they want based on the questions you ask.

List of Hairstyle Requests[]

Currently we are unsure how to lists these orders, if anyone has any ideas feel free to start a list of hair styles here.